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phantom Saif Ali Khan and Katrina Kaif are cast in leading roles, as secret agents/mercenaries. Kaif was selected to play Parsi Indian girl Nawaz Mistry in the film.

The film earlier had a working title as Daniyal Khan, before being titled Phantom. Khan and Kaif reportedly learned Kurdish and Arabic for their roles.

The shoot of the film required a recreation of a Syrian refugee camp, which involved almost 400 locals to act as rebel militias. The sets of the film were so realistic that many people in the area believed actual militia groups had set up camp, and the Lebanese army began circling planes over the set. However the confusion was cleared after the first day. Due to the country’s recent political turmoil, security was provided to the crew. A few days into shooting, an accident occurred on the set where two local artists were injured after being hit by a car.

 ‘Afghan Jalebi (Ya Baba)’ was released as a platform to promote and increase the film’s visibility to the audience prior to its release. The music video featured Kaif surrounded by a group of singers and dancers, the song was choreographed by Ahmed Khan. The song was shot at Mehboob Studio in Mumbai.

Despite being known for her immensely popular dance numbers in Bollywood films, Katrina Kaif had to give dancing a miss in the song as she had to stay true to her character as a spy who works for an American security agency and the theme of the film which is a hardcore intense action thriller. – Wikipedia

Here’s the official movie trailer for Phantom:



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