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chicago richard gereIn Chicago, Richard Gere plays legendary lawyer Billy Flynn, who can get any woman off death row…for the right price.

Although he started his career on stage doing musical theater, actor Richard Gere is best known for his serious, leading-man roles in films like Unfaithful, Primal Fear, and An Officer And A Gentleman.

When the opportunity to join Rene Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones in the musical comedy Chicago arose, a higher authority told Gere it represented an opportunity to show a different side of him that he shouldn’t resist.

“When [my wife] read the script, she said: ‘You’ve gotta do this because no one ever sees you be goofy. So just do it.’ I said, ‘All right,'” Gere recalls.

In Chicago, Gere displays a sillier side of his personality that, he says, his family is all too familiar with.

“My wife, my kids, the dog, the cats – they know,” Gere says. “Ad nauseam. I mean, it’s like – enough, stop. I annoy my family.”

Gere embraced the challenges of making a big-screen musical, and says that he wasn’t worried about singing and dancing in front of the camera.
He did find one aspect of the choreography particularly challenging, though.

“It was the tap dancing. That I didn’t know,” says Gere. “I mean I was learning from scratch to do something that is – for anyone – is very difficult. And something I had to get together in a few months. So that was daunting. It was deeply humbling.”  – By Austin Burke cbsnews.com

How do you learn tap in only a few months??? Gotta admit, we’re pretty impressed. Check out Richard Gere’s tip top tap dancing in this clip from Chicago:


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