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men in black II

The music video for ‘Black Suits Comin’ (Nod Ya Head)’ features footage of star Will Smith performing onstage in a Men in Black II environment, featuring characters and footage from the movie. It is notable that a scene that was deleted from the final cut of the film appears in a montage sequence in the video. – Wikipedia

The original pug from Men in Black (1997) was used to play Frank again, but since the pug was now seven years old, they used makeup to hide the gray fur around its nose. In an interview with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, Smith said: “It was great working with Frank the Pug in the first film, but since we came back he’s been acting like an a-hole.” Jones then said, “Yeah, Frank’s had a bit of an identity crisis since the neutering.”

When J & K (Smith and Jones) are watching the Light of Zartha video in Newton’s room, J comments on the corny video, saying “Looks like Spielberg’s work”. The film’s executive producer is Steven Spielberg.

Michael Jackson makes a cameo appearance as an undercover Man in Black. Jackson was a huge fan of extra-terrestrials. – IMDB


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