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south park poster‘Blame Canada’, was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Song, but lost to Phil Collins’ You’ll Be In My Heart from the movie Tarzan. In return, writers Matt Stone and Trey Parker ridiculed Collins in the fourth season of South Park.

The song’s monination created controversy, because all nominated songs are traditionally performed during the Oscar broadcast. But the song contained an ‘f’ bomb, which the FCC prohibits using in prime time broadcasts. At the 72nd Academy Awards, Comedian Robin Williams performed the song with a chorus who gasped when the word was to be sung. (Williams turned around at the crucial moment, and did not actually sing it).

Williams included digs at Margaret Trudeau and Bryan Adams, partially taken from lyrics of Sheila Broflovski’s reprise of the song in “La Resistance”. He referenced Celine Dion as well. He introduced the song by speaking with duct tape over his mouth so that his speech resembled that of Kenny McCormick, then tearing it off and finally saying Stan Marsh’s trademark line, “Oh my god! They killed Kenny!” (BTW, this film marked the first time in the entire series that Kenny is seen without his hood on).

There was also some concern about the fact that ‘Blame Canada’ referred to well-known Canadian singer Anne Murray as a “b*tch”, but Murray indicated that she was not offended by the tongue-in-cheek lyric.

Coincidentally, the Canadian Oscar telecast in which Robin Williams sang the song included the premiere of the “I Am Canadian” advertisement, which counters many perceived Canadian stereotypes.    – Wikipedia



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