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Disneynature-BearsOlivia Holt performs ‘Carry On’, a song written specifically for the documentary Disneynature Bears.

We were lucky enough to get an exclusive interview with Holt and discuss why she was so adamant about doing the movie’s signature song, ‘Carry On.’

Holt realized she wanted to do the song when she first heard it, telling producer John Shanks, who’s worked with everyone from Bon Jovi to the Backstreet Boys, about her desire to make sure the song was as powerful as possible. After Holt saw Bears she knew participating in the documentary was the right decision.

“Carry On” not only puts forth the healthy message of moving forward, but Holt believes it really captures the “struggles and heart” of the film, making it an appropriate cap on the grizzlies’ journey.

In addition to Holt’s involvement with Bears, she has something else in common with the grizzles in the film. Holt is the proud companion of two Yorkies, Scout and Diesel, with the former sharing the same name as one of Sky’s grizzly cubs.  – Read more at globalanimal.org

Check out the movie trailer for Disneynature Bears:


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