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‘First Time In Forever’ Video | Disney’s FROZEN



Idina Menzel auditioned for the part of Rapunzel in Disney's previous fairytale, Tangled (2010). Even though Menzel didn't get the part, a Disney casting director recorded her audition and two years later, it got her ...

‘In Summer’ Video | Disney’s FROZEN | Josh Gad



In the movie song 'In Summer' from Disney's Frozen, snowman Olaf is on the beach and passes three different sand sculpture. The first one he passes furthest on the right is a nod toward the Coppertone sunscreen girl. ...

Disney Villain Songs – Top 10



From Jaffar to Scar, check out the top 10 wickedly good Disney villain songs: "Prince Ali" from ALADDIN, "Mad Madam Mim" from THE SWORD AND THE STONE, "Mine, Mine, Mine" from POCAHANTAS, "The Mob Song" from BEAUTY AN...

‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’ Video | THE LION KING



"Can You Feel the Love Tonight" from Disney's The Lion King was composed by Elton John with lyrics by Tim Rice. It was a chart hit in the UK, peaking at #14 and achieved even more success in the U.S., reaching a peak ...

‘Once Upon A Dream’ Video | SLEEPING BEAUTY



One of the film's iconic scenes - when Briar Rose meets Prince Phillip for the first time to the tune of "Once Upon a Dream" - was called Sequence 8 when it was being produced. It was a particularly hard sequence to g...

‘Part Of Your World’ VIdeo | THE LITTLE MERMAID



Believing that, in a musical, it is necessary for the heroine (Ariel) to at some point sing about her goals and what she hopes to achieve in life, lyricist Howard Ashman wrote the lyrics for 'Part of Your World', whic...

‘Circle of Life’ Video | THE LION KING



German-born composer Hans Zimmer called in the services of his South African friend, Lebo M., to help provide some authenticity to The Lion King's musical soundtrack. It is Lebo M.'s call that you hear on the opening ...

‘Under The Sea’ Video | THE LITTLE MERMAID



Originally, Sebastian was to have an English accent. It was lyricist/producer Howard Ashman who suggested he be Jamaican. This opened the door to calypso-style numbers like "Under the Sea", which won the Academy Award...

‘Everything Is Awesome’ Video | THE LEGO MOVIE



With the exception of a few unique pieces (i.e: President Business' hair and evil helmet) every Lego piece in The Lego Movie actually exists and can be used in sets. This even includes effects like water, fire, laser ...

‘Let It Go’ Video | Disney’s FROZEN | Idina Menzel



Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote "Let It Go" for Frozen within a single day. Conception began when the story outline they were given called for "Elsa's Bad*ss Song" at the scene the song would take place,...