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Catherine Zeta-Jones added Velma’s pose for the photographers in ‘Cell Block Tango’.

At the start of Chicago, when the bar is shown, a painting can be seen on the wall which features the faces of the women in ‘Cell Block Tango’.

During the song, Hunyak speaks in Hungarian, but the actress is Russian and her accent makes the speech very difficult to understand even for native speakers of Hungarian. Each girl does an imitation of her crime, each in session using a red silk bandanna to imitate where the blood would have been. However, when Hunyak is speaking, she pulls out a white bandanna, not a red one, indicating that, she is, in fact, innocent.

Rob Marshall was originally considered by Miramax to direct the screen version of the smash Broadway play Rent. When he arrived for his interview, he told Miramax he wanted to talk about Chicago instead and proposed the “musical in Roxie’s mind” concept. Miramax loved the idea and put Rent on the back burner, finally making it three years later.  – IMDB

Chicago, along with an earlier musical Moulin Rouge! and the Hip hop centred film 8 Mile, is widely considered to be responsible for the re-emergence of the musical film genre in the 21st century. Following the success of Chicago many musical films have been released in cinemas including Phantom of the Opera, The Producers, Rent, Hairspray (which also had Queen Latifah), Enchanted, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (which also had costumes by Coleen Atwood), Mamma Mia! (which also had Christine Baranski), Les Misérables, Rock of Ages (which also had Catherine Zeta Jones), Sunshine on Leith, and Into The Woods (also directed by Rob Marshall and also featuring Baranski and costumes by Atwood). All of these, bar Enchanted and Sunshine on Leith, were adaptations of Broadway/West End stage shows (Enchanted was an original property while Sunshine on Leith was an adaptation of a Dundee Reps production). – Wikipedia


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