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teen beach movieDeep down, Teen Beach Movie feels like a loving and affectionate tribute to Ex-Mouseketeer, the late great Annette Funicello (to which the film is dedicated to). The gorgeous and talented actress spent her early years on the Mickey Mouse Club winning over the hearts of young boys, and then moved in to some of the most pulpy and celebrated surf movies.

Those movies like Beach Blanket Bingo, and Muscle Beach Party featured a lot of music, simple plots, and were a celebration of surfing. With Frankie Avalon, Funicello gained immortality. What’s even more surprising is in many respects, Maia Mitchell resembles Annette Funicello. When she begins puffing her hair with her pigtails, and transforming into the movie, she’s almost a living embodiment of the lovely young Funicello. The movie was being filmed before Funicello passed away, so perhaps it’s just all one big coincidence. Or perhaps it’s just serendipity.

That said, Ross Lynch (‘Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’) and Maia Mitchell are two of my favorite Disney personalities right now. Both are very talented, great singers, and have a knack for comedy. While Lynch is mostly just the heartthrob place holder at Disney for the moment, he also has a real talent for comedy, and performing. In Teen Beach Movie, he’s a mixture of the personalities showing how much flair he possesses as a performer, how charming he can be as a heartthrob, and how funny he can be when he’s allowed to aim for wacky comedy. Maia Mitchell is cute as a button and absolutely gorgeous as the co-star for Teen Beach Movie, thrust in to a world she knows nothing about, while co-star Lynch quickly embraces this world of one dimensional characters, catchy pop tunes, and stock conflicts…  -Feliz Vasquez, Jr.  Read more at cinema-crazed.com

Cowabunga! Take a look behind-the-scenes of Disney’s Teen Beach Movie:


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