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ungli‘Dance Basanti’, the much awaited dance number from the Emraan Hashmi-Kangana Ranaut starrer Ungli [Translation: Finger] is finally out. Here are 3 reasons why this number might be the next chartbuster.

Shraddha Kapoor:

Suddenly you see the petite, vulnerable Shraddha Kapoor funking it all up as Basanti and the metamorphosis deserves an applause! Glamorous and glitzy, the song features Shraddha in a never seen before avatar and she sparkles with her moves and her body language. Although there aren’t many dance moves, Shraddha ups the oomph looking extremely ‘bisphotak‘! Brownie points for her killer attitude and her spunky thumkas.

Vishal Dadlani and Anushka Manchanda’s infectious voice:

The song is well sung and Vishal Dadlani brings to the table what he does the best. Vishal’s voice takes the energy level up while Anushka balances it with her husky, edgy rendition. Anushka’s infectious voice coupled with Vishal’s trademark genius makes ‘Dance Basanti’ the hot favourite of the season.

The catchy, peppy feel:

‘Dance Basanti’ is very different from regular item songs that we are subjected to with each film. The song, which does not boast of too many dance moves is catchy and has an incredible spunk which catches everyone’s attention! A groovy number, ‘Dance Basanti’ makes you move to it more more than just dance around. And that’s what sets it apart from other dance numbers.   – dnaindia.com

Here’s the official movie trailer for Ungli:



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