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tomb raider posterIt’s usually clever and good fun when bands insert themselves into movie clips, and U2’s music video for ‘Elevation’ is no exception.

Hard to imagine how much they spent on this music video, but it’s rumored to be one of the most expensive ones ever! Seems like just about every shot contains some kind of special effect. It was shot primarily on the Universal Studios Hollywood backlot.

The Edge is cleverly inserted into a number of scenes with Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft, becoming her willing (or unwilling?) sidekick. And as Bono sings, cars crash and elephants fly around him. Music videos have come a hell of a long way since ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’!

This version of ‘Elevation’ was released as a single entitled the “Tomb Raider Mix”, differing significantly from the U2 album version, because this one features guitars with a more ‘hard rock’ sound than the electronic-inspired feel of the album version.

Here’s U2 performing ‘Elevation’ live in concert from Milan in 2005:


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