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Jessie J is making her return to the Pitch Perfect soundtrack with her latest single ‘Flashlight,’ a tender and uplifting ballad penned by Australian singer-songwriter Sia, in its sequel.

pitch perfect 2The British vocalist released an accompanying music video for the cut, which finds her at the film’s Barden University as she watches the ever-present social cliques, drama, and camaraderie on campus. The video, which also includes scenes from Pitch Perfect 2, concludes with a moving concert adorned with waving flashlights from the audience.

“I’m blown away to be such a part of it because I remember seeing the first one and falling in love with the film,” she told On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Tuesday morning. “They had ‘Party in the U.S.A.‘ and ‘Price Tag‘ in the first film. So to have kind of an original song, obviously written by Sia, and this song to be such a big part of [the movie], and being the person that takes it to the world — I just feel excited to be kind of a fake Barden Bella.”

The song is about an inspiring companion who emits positivity and guidance in one’s life. For J, she says her “flashlight” is her parents, fans, friends, and her boyfriend Luke James, who she’s been dating for nearly a year. The Sweet Talker artist reveals she has always been a big fan of the New Orleans-born singer-songwriter, and she enlisted him as her show opener way before they had ever met. She tells OAWRS that their status onstage — J being the headliner and Luke serving as the opener — poses no threat to their relationship.

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