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bodyguard poster‘I Will Always Love You’ is ranked #65 on the American Film Institute’s list of the top 100 movie songs of all time.

Performed by Whitney Houston,I Will Always Love You’ is the best-selling single by a female artist, and the biggest- selling non-charity single of all time, with world sales of nearly nine million copies. The Bodyguard is the world’s biggest selling soundtrack with over thirty-seven million units sold.

The Bodyguard was originally proposed in the mid-’70s, starring Diana Ross and Steve McQueen, but was rejected as “too controversial”. The film concept was to be attempted again in the late 1970s, with Ryan O’Neal and Diana Ross cast as the leads. The project fell through after only a few months because of irreconcilable differences between O’Neal and Ross, who had been dating.

Kevin Costner said that he based his portrayal of Frank Farmer on actor Steve McQueen. He even went as far as to get McQueen’s trademark haircut for the role.

One of the few films that presented a fictional Academy Awards in its plot and later on were nominated for the actual Academy Awards. While this movie scored two Best Song nominations, the other movie with similar circumstances, California Suite (1978) managed to win an Oscar (acting category, an ironic contrast with the movie’s subplot involving an actress who loses the same award).   – Edited from IMDB

In this clip from The Bodyguard we see Kevin Costner doing what he does best… keeping his client out of harm’s way. When Houston’s concert gets out of control, he goes into action.


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