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cry baby johnny deppTo find a young actor for the role of Wade ‘Cry-Baby’ Walker, director John Waters bought $30 worth of teen magazines, all of which showed Johnny Depp of 21 Jump Street (TV series) on the cover. Depp thought the script was funny and strange, and took the offbeat role to avoid being typecast as a TV teen idol.

Although the tattoo of the name “Cry-Baby” on Johnny Depp’s arm is a fake, the Native American tattoo above it is real.

James Intveld did the singing for Johnny Depp on ‘King Cry-Baby’.  – IMDB

This short behind-the-scenes video features a very young-looking Johnny Depp and John Waters, at the beginning of Depp’s meteoric rise to stardom. Interesting that even back then, he talked about not wanting to be pigeon-holed in his acting career. And looking back at the roles he’s taken on over the years… from Edward Scissorhands… to Willy Wonka… to Captain Jack Sparrow…. the diversity of his characters has been one of his trademarks. – MovieSongs


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