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happy new yearHappy New Year is pure, unashamed Bollywood. The kind of lovely escapist cinema that entertains you so much that you don’t even care that it makes little sense. It’s not about dissecting the performances or considering the camera angles and the development of the narrative. It’s unadulterated fun, which even prompted a respected director of independent cinema to gamely shed his inhibitions and his clothes just to be part of the mayhem.

As ludicrous as it all is, the endless stream of gags will have you helplessly laughing out loud until the final frame and as the end credits roll, when the future superstar of Indian cinema makes his film debut.

The film should be watched in the very spirit with which it was made and the cast should be celebrated for giving their all to entertain us. While the money will roll in at the box office, there’s no doubting the sincerity of Farah Khan’s objective in making the film: simply to make us happy. It’s a rare gift to be able to give so much joy to others, and team Shah Rukh does just that.

Watch Happy New Year for the laughs, for Abhishek’s sparkling comic turn, and to see the stars of Indian cinema (like Shah Rukh Khan & Deepika Padukone)  entertain you as only they can.    Priya Joshi, Digital Spy

Enjoy the MovieSong ‘Lovely’, then check out the official movie trailer for Happy New Year:



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