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twilight new moonDeath Cab For Cutie guitarist Chris Walla explained to MTV News the concept behind the ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ music video, which draws heavily on the ideas of day and night and light and shadow. “The idea behind the video is that this house that we’re in, this crazy ski lodge of a building here, it’s going to get cut together with scenes from the film, sort of like it’s a place that might be in Forks, sort of a place that might be next door to Bella’s house or something,” said Walla. “All the light stuff that’s happening through the windows, it’s the ‘day-turning-into-night-turning-into-day thing,’ the idea is that it’s supposed to look like a time-lapse thing, only it’s not actually a time-lapse thing, and it’s quite a trick.”

Death Cab For Cutie bassist Nick Harmer said in a statement: “We are very excited to be a part of this amazing series of novels set in our own backyard. It just seemed a perfect synergy that a band from the Northwest would create a song for a series of novels set in the Northwest.” He added that the band wrote ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ for The Twilight Saga: New Moon, “to reflect the celestial themes and motifs that run throughout the Twilight series and we wanted to capture that desperate feeling of endings and beginnings that so strongly affect the main characters. This song marks the first attempt that Death Cab for Cutie has ever made at contributing new, unreleased material for a film and we are proud to be a part of the ‘Twilight’ legacy.”

Harmer told MTV News that “if you strip away all the vampirism and the werewolves and the Northwest and everything, basically, the Twilight series is just a big romance novel. It’s a big story about love, and that’s a major theme for us.”

Frontman Ben Gibbard told MTV News that the song is ‘based on tones’ of the ‘Twilight’ series. He explained: “The song at its core is just about meeting another halfway, because life is very short, because there’s only a brief period of time to really connect with people, and that it’s important to recognize that.”  – Edited from songfacts.com

The end of Death Cab For Cutie’s music video ‘Meet Me On The Equinox’ features shots from Twilight: New Moon of Bella rushing to save Edward. Here’s the entire scene:


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