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‘More Than a Woman’  from Saturday Night Fever became a regular feature of The Bee Gee’s live sets  and was often coupled with ‘Night Fever’.

saturday night feverThe movie was originally called Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night, the title of the New York Magazine article that inspired it. The film’s title was shortened to Saturday Night, as a direct reference to the fact that Tony (John Travolta) and his friends inhabited 2001 Odyssey on Saturday nights. However, when The Bee Gees submitted the soundtrack, one of the songs, ‘Night Fever’, was thought to embody the film’s spirit better than the original. Director John Badham added the word “Saturday” so that the film’s final title became Saturday Night Fever.

Travolta originally wanted his disco suit to be black, until it was pointed out that in the darkened disco, his co-star’s red dress would make her easier to see than him. The white polyester suit worn by Travolta sold at auction for $145,000 and purchased by movie critic Gene Siskel. Siskel often said that this was his favorite film and that he had watched it 17 times.

Travolta had worked hard on the “You Should Be Dancing” sequence and threatened to quit the film when the studio suggested it should be shot in close up instead of full-body. He ran two miles a day and danced for three hours daily to get in shape for this film. In the end, he dropped 20 pounds.

The lighted wall and lighted disco floor at Odyssey 2001 were not actually at the disco, but added in for the film. The “blinking light” effect on the wall was created by covering the wall in tin foil and reflecting blinking Christmas tree lights off of it.

The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album sold over 20 million copies, and it was the top selling album in history until it was topped by Michael Jackson’s album “Thriller” six years later. –  IMDB


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