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titanic movie poster‘My Heart Will Go On’ is ranked #14 on AFI’s list of the top 100 movie songs of all time.

The song was written for Titanic by James Horner, who also scored the film. Horner has written scores for many movies, including Braveheart, Apollo 13 and Aliens.

Will Jennings wrote the lyrics. When Jennings writes song for movies, he often looks at a script or sees a rough cut of the film. This wasn’t the case with this song, as he drew inspiration from Horner’s narrative. Says Jennngs, “I wrote everything from the point of view of a person of a great age looking back so many years. It was the love story that made the film, of course. It was magnificently done with special effects, the actors were good. But the love story was what it was.”

According to Jennings, Celine Dion was the first choice to sing this. Jennings and Horner worked together on the 1991 movie Feival Goes West and wrote the song “Dreams To Dream” for the film, which Dion wanted to sing but went to Linda Ronstadt. After he and Jennings wrote this, Horner played it for Dion and she agreed to sing ‘My Heart Will Go On’. 

According to Tommy Mottola, who was chairman of Sony Music at the time, Celine Dion didn’t want to record this song. He claims that he had to convince her to record the demo, but when she nailed it in one take, they used that demo track on the actual recording since it was so good.

‘My Heart Will Go On’ won the 1998 Oscar for Best Song From A Film and Grammys for Record Of The Year, Best Female Pop Vocal Performance, Song Of The Year and Best Song for a Motion Picture.

It was named the best film song of all time in a 2010 survey decided by listeners of U.K. radio station Magic. Runner-up in the poll was Take That’s “Rule The World” from Stardust, and in third place came Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” from Armageddon.  – Read more at songfacts.com

If you haven’t see Titanic in a while, watching the trailer may make you want to blow the dust off your DVD:

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