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Baahubali is India’s biggest motion picture and is the largest worldwide release of any Indian film, in different languages.

This is the second pairing for lead actors Prabhas and Tamannaah Bhatia who sing the romantic love song ‘Panchhi Bole’ in Baahubali. The first time they appeared together was in the 2012 Telugu action film Rebel. Coincidently in Rebel, the female love interest lead role with was first offered to Anushka Shetty who declined the project and was later replaced by Tamannaah. In Baahubali Anushka Shetty plays Prabhas’ mother.

baahubali-poster-3It took 200 days to construct all the sets in the movie on 20 acres of land with 1000 men working on it per day. The magnificent palaces, impregnable forts, breath-taking water falls were all created for the movie. The waterfalls scene in the movie is actually shot at Athirapally waterfalls in Kerala, over which VFX are added. The characterisation of lead character Sivudu revolves around this humongous waterfalls.

Lead actor Prahbas had to gain muscle mass for the role as Baahubali as it was the part that was filmed first. Then he had to lose muscle mass for the role as Shivudu, which was filmed later.

The first opening shot of the movie was filmed on the sets of Athirappilly Falls in Kerala and director S S Rajamouli specifically wanted a newborn baby for that scene. But the film-makers were unable to cast a newborn baby for that part. On that tight schedule, one of the production executives from Kerala informed about his newborn child to the director, and instantly the baby was cast. – IMDB

Here’s the official movie trailer for Baahubali:



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