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bajrangi bhaijaan‘Bajrangi’ is a name (often reserved for wrestlers in the stereotypical world of Hindi cinema) that has the same meaning, strongly built. ‘Bhaijaan’ is how a brother is called in Urdu with respect. Hence, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ would mean ‘Brother Bajrangi’ where Bajrangi would be a name meaning strongly built and the name is spoken with respect. – bollymeaning.com

Top 10 facts we bet you did not know about Bajrangi Bhaifaan:

1. Salman Khan, it seems had a great time shooting with plenty of children for a song and even has a child artiste playing a central character in the film too.

2. Adnan Sami has rendered a Qawwali number in the film too and that is one of the highlights of the movie, says the director.

3. Salman Khan was the first choice when the director was penning the script it seems. We are not at all surprised, since it was with Salman that Kabir Khan had his last major hit, in Ek Tha Tiger.

4. Kabir Khan felt that Kareena Kapoor Khan played her role perfectly in the film and looked absolutely gorgeous in her desi avatar as well.

5. Harshali, the little girl who plays the role of a mute girl in the movie from Pakistan who gets lost in India and rescued by Salman in the movie was apparently the one who had the crew on their toes with her pranks.

6. Nawazuddin Siddiqui is seen in the film whom Salman meets on his way to Pakistan. It seems that Siddiqui was enjoying the time he had with Salman who also felt quite at ease working with him. This is their second movie after Kick back to back, hence this camaraderie, we assume.

7. Kabir Khan also had only Kareena Kapoor Khan in mind while writing the script for the film and for the character of Rasika.

8. For the little girl’s character, Harshali was chosen after a nationwide talent hunt and she as per the director has done remarkably well too.

9. Kabir Khan reprises the favorite dialogue from the film, which Salman Khan has mouthed in the film, “Hum Bajrang bali ke bhakt hain. Mar jayenge par jhoot nahi bolenge.”

10. Bajrangi Bhaijaan has seven songs, counting ‘Selfie Le Le Re’, which is a lot for any modern Hindi film!  – sabfilmyhai.com

Here’s the official movie trailer for Bajrangi Bhaijaan:



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