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blues brothersMusic legend Ray Charles has them dancing in the streets… literally… with a swinging version of ‘Shake A Tail Feather’. As the owner of Ray’s Music Shop, he’s trying to sell a piano to Jake and Elwood for $2,000, and to sweeten the deal, he even offers “to throw in the black keys for free.” – MovieSongs

During filming one of the night scenes from The Blues Brothers, John Belushi disappeared and could not be located. Dan Aykroyd looked around and saw a single house with its lights on. He went to the house and was prepared to identify himself, the movie and that they were looking for John Belushi. But before he could, the homeowner looked at him, smiled and said, “You’re here for John Belushi, aren’t you?” The homeowner then told them Belushi had entered their house, asked if he could have a glass of milk and a sandwich and then crashed on their couch.

Situations like this prompted Aykroyd to affectionately dub Belushi “America’s Guest.”  – IMDB

Check out other Blues Brothers clips on MovieSongs:

‘Rawhide’ – Could win the award for “Most Bottles Thrown At A Band In A Motion Picture”. Thank god for chicken wire.

Watching one music legend is awesome. Seeing two together is… awesomer. Check out this seldom seen music video with Ray Charles and Willie Nelson singing ‘Seven Spanish Angels’.

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