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bad boys movie posterDiana King (born 8 November 1970, Spanish Town, Jamaica) is a singer-songwriter who specifically performs a mixture and fusion of reggae, reggae fusion and dancehall. She was born to an Indo-Jamaican mother and an Afro Jamaican father.

“Shy Guy” is from the movie soundtrack album Bad Boys and her debut studio album Tougher Than Love (1994). The song was written by King herself, with the help of Andy Marvel and Kingsley Gardner, while it was produced by Marvel. The song received positive reviews from music critics, with many saying it was a definite highlight through the album and some saying it was one of the best reggae fusion songs then.

Two music videos were made for ‘Shy Guy’: one in black and white, directed by Marcus Nispel, for the Tougher Than Love album; the other, directed by Bad Boys director Michael Bay, for the Bad Boys soundtrack with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence appearing in it, as well as clips from the movie throughout.  – Wikipedia



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