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Dashboard Confessional leader Chris Carrabba wrote ‘Vindicated’ for the the movie Spider-Man 2. He loves comic books, so he agreed to write the song as long as he could see the movie before it was released.

Carrabba told MTV: “When I was watching the movie, I tried to think of it thematically. Not just what’s going on at this moment, but what are the broad strokes they are painting with here? There were themes of hope and strife and struggle of a young man trying to become a grown man, and rebelling against what he knows he’s supposed to be, and what he thinks he would like to be, and all of that. And that, if you remove the superpowers, is a fairly universal theme.”  – songfacts.com

Initially, a song titled “I Need a Sure Thing” was to be used on the Spider-Man 2 soundtrack; but, after having received a special screening of the film, Carrabba penned “Vindicated” in 10 minutes, inspired by and reflecting the theme of the film.

“I Need a Sure Thing” has since then been performed during the Dusk and Summer Tour but not thereafter. – Wikipedia

Check out the official movie trailer for Spider-Man 2:


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